What is the point to register with Social-FeedBack.Net?
Social-FeedBack.Net is a free tool that will help you to increase your social presence through the major players in the industrie. Once you’re registered, you can gain Followers on Digg, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Zootool, Fans for your Facebook page, +1 with Google Plus, Friends with Myspace as well as Views for your YouTube video (which can be a great way to promote your business).
How it works?
It’s easy, when you register, we offer you 50 Tokens to try out straight away. You add first your site or add your Twitter and/or Digg username and then indicate how many tokens you are ready to give away. On your side, you can also participate to gain tokens and then, add them back to your own campaign.
Is it cheating?
Not at all, you don’t paid to get Followers, Likes, Views or whatsoever and if you’re site isn’t good, the users can at any moment decide not to follow you or to withdraw their Like, +1. You must at any time keep in mind that Social-FeedBack.Net is a way to help your site to be known, after, it’s up to you to keep this audience or not.
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